Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Events @ Get Singapore

♥ My breadou doodles! 

Last Saturday i attended the Get Singapore Events at Vivo City, This Events actually exhibit all the local brands so from this more people will know about brands in Singapore. Participants brands are iNouvi, Cosmoproof, Air, Breadou, Island Shop....etc. But Promotion for this campaign what i feel does not shout loud enough, it was a really interesting event but news paper advertising was not clear enough, as the papers just wrote freebies at counter in a small corner, but it was more than that, different brands had their different promotion, like iNouvi you can exchange your old cosmetics for a new one (yeah, and i did change no gimmicks), for Breadou ( Q up and doodle on your fake cakes/bread), Cosmoprof (Free Make over) and many more!! 

Hope that the next Get Singapore Events will be a more Sucessful & Impactful one! ♥ by spongy ♥

hottest blogger in spain

Pelayo is sooo cute!!! You girls gotta visit him here!
& he is a friend of Gala Gonzalez too!! 
Check both of them out!! i especially like Gala Gonzalez style ALOT. She's way too hot.
♥ by gracie

Monday, March 30, 2009

Barbie Fiftieth Anniversary!

Gosh, our best playmate turns 50!
Happy Birthday Barbie!

♥ by gracie

Topshop - always a fan of them!

Topshop Unique Fall 2009 Collection (photos from style.com)

The colors & layering of clothing are amazing. Very creative & wearable fashion. 
How i wish i could do this in Singapore, well without sweating? geee. 
♥ by gracie

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Moodboard Of My Dream Home

 Moodboard Of My Dream Home

i just sign my housing lease last thursday, it was like finally *whew* after waiting for so many months for the approval, well now have to wait till May 2011 to collect my keys, excited! Now thinking of how my house is going to look like, lucky for designsponge if not i have no idea where to start.♥ by spongy ♥


Love this music video, look what happens after the peaceful scene!

Barbie Accessories

First impression of this, i thought that this person who create this accessories hates barbie, because it dismantle the barbie into parts and pieces which i sort of have the wrong impression. Margaux Lange the designer of this barbie accessories actually loves barbie since she was a child till now, she enjoy the funny juxtaposition of wearing the body,on the body, and Barbie has become the accessory instead of accessoriezed, all the accessories was design and handmade by her. Her accessories can be brought here♥ by spongy ♥

Friday, March 27, 2009

the brand conscience bicycle

First there was a Hermes bicycle

Then came Chanel with 2 quilted flap bags

Now Gucci can't be left out anymore, and came out with cruiser bicycle (USD6365).
Do you wish to ride out in style too? But please, do remember to lock it! 
♥ by gracie

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Write the phone call you wish you could have.
Using a black pen, draw a picture of your cell phone. Be very precise and make your phone look as realistic as possible, you can trace the shape of the phone if you want. Please make your drawing by hand, not with a computer. In the window where the caller name appears, write the name of the person who you wish would call you. If you have to, use a fake name.In a separate email document, type the conversation you wish you could have with this person. Use dialogue format, here's mine: 

Me: hello?
Mr J: hello, my children
Me: MR J!!! am i dreaming? is there anything that i could do for you?
Mr J: go share the good news! Romans 10:9
Me: yes i will plant more seeds, mr J!
Mr J: Mark 16:17-18
Me: Amen! Before you hang up i want to tell u, i love you so much!!
Mr J: i love all of you too, my children! 
Me: Goodbye!
Mr J: See you!
♥ spongy ♥

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Favourite Animation Commercial

This may be and old commercial of Louis Vuitton, but i love it so much and the designer was Takashi Murakami one of my favourite artist! 

This is one of my all time favourite commercial - Soy Joy by airside
♥ spongy ♥

Bjørg Jewellery

Norwegian designer Bjørg delivers her latest 2009 collection with stunning imagery that wouldn’t be out of place in a Tim Burton film. i couldn't get my eyes off it, it's really a one of a kind jewellery, dark & mysterious yet elegant, i would really love to have a Bjørg ring as my wedding ring, it will definitely be a centre of attraction! ♥ by spongy ♥

Chanel Perspex Briefcase

I came across this, and thought gracie might love it! This week in Paris, Karl Lagerfeld presented a poised, elegant and mostly black take on power suiting for Chanel that included this fantastically witty take on the working gal's briefcase. We hope that it's not just a prop for the catwalk. We're sure someone out there could pull it off in the real world. It's highly functional, after all. ♥ by spongy ♥

Monday, March 23, 2009

First Biopic of Coco Chanel

“Coco Avant Chanel” premieres in France on April 22nd

Don't Trust Me

This guy reshoot this music video, simple yet cool! Love the color changing specs he wore!
 This video is so much better then the official ones.

random shots!

Haven't meet up with my ex-collegue for nearly a month, i miss her so much! We finally meet up on saturday at haji lane, we sat down at pluck and have some waffles ice cream, the atmosphere was great small and cosy, a great place for inspiration! After that we walk along haji lane and i took some photos of her, i love photography so i be taking care of photo shoot for flukymuse online shop too! Thanks Gracie for the approach! Here are more of my works.

Right now, we are also hunting for fun,edgy,wacky models for our online shop coming this may! If you have what it takes, please email us at: flukymuse@gmail.com for a little chat! ♥ by spongy ♥

Sunday, March 22, 2009

sweet wanders

i met a cute little korean boy just now, he had killer mini eyes which i always think mini eyes are cute! He also has natural curl hair, you would want to hug him if you see him so i took out my camera and take a picture of him! This sweet little boy gives me the inspiration to mix something sweet below~

Sweet wanders ♥ mix by spongy ♥

Saturday, March 21, 2009

eastpak for the 1st time after 10 years

the first time i carried an Eastpak bag was 10 years ago in my school days. But now the Eley Kishimoto Collaboration with Eastpak with flash print makes me wanna go grab one again! It's limited edition, but i will try and ask around where i can get my hands on the small shoulder bag in red flash print in Singapore.
♥ by gracie

fight a good fight

one of the best song ever
Eye of the tiger - by American rock band Survivor - 1982
♥ by gracie

march wish list - messenger bags

I heart this Fendi vintage baguette for the longest time.. and found others that shaken me a little.

♥ by gracie