Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Events @ Get Singapore

♥ My breadou doodles! 

Last Saturday i attended the Get Singapore Events at Vivo City, This Events actually exhibit all the local brands so from this more people will know about brands in Singapore. Participants brands are iNouvi, Cosmoproof, Air, Breadou, Island Shop....etc. But Promotion for this campaign what i feel does not shout loud enough, it was a really interesting event but news paper advertising was not clear enough, as the papers just wrote freebies at counter in a small corner, but it was more than that, different brands had their different promotion, like iNouvi you can exchange your old cosmetics for a new one (yeah, and i did change no gimmicks), for Breadou ( Q up and doodle on your fake cakes/bread), Cosmoprof (Free Make over) and many more!! 

Hope that the next Get Singapore Events will be a more Sucessful & Impactful one! ♥ by spongy ♥