Sunday, April 12, 2009

Uniqlo in Singapore

Today is the 3rd day uniqlo has open in singapore, i finally free up some time and make the trip to tampines to shop in UNIQLO & UT (one of my fav japanese brand), to my shocking there's alot of people Q-ing up to get in, they only allow certain amount of customer to go in, so that the shop wouldnt be really pack and everyone could shop comfortably. Well it's a really good strategy so that many people will be curious and start Q-ing up to get in the shop hoping to get discount items (typical singaporean style). I see alot of  "aunties" coming out and say, nothing to buy and not much discount (see!*). 

Seriously the price that UNIQLO offers is so really reasonable & material of the clothes is really of good quality, i'm so happy that it finally set its place in singapore, the prices & material they are offering its going to affect GAP the most i guess and the clothes are almost similar but price point GAP is much higher and some other local brands like Giordano,Cotton on and G2000 soon.

I couldn't resist buying too! I brought 1 UT RETRO GAME TEE, 2 Casual tees and 1 sleeves vest, will be going back for more!!! ♥ by spongy ♥