Friday, May 1, 2009

2nd day in Beijing

Check out our shopping bags!

Yes, this are food, starfish,minishark,scorpio,crickets...gross

My collegue eating mini scorpio, it was crunchy!

Giant Lamb Stick! It was delicious!

Our 2nd day in beijing, visited LI-NING flag ship store and look at our shopping bags! After that head down to the food stalls at the roadside, stop by and ate some werid food, i was quite shock at food like starfish,shark,scorpio,cricket...etc which can be so easily purchase off the streets, those who like some fear factors food should come to well 1 of my collegue did try one of the mini scorpio and he say it tasted like ikan billis (some kinda dry fish) and he hope the next trip he will be able to try the Big Black Scorpio.I had lots of fun snapping away and checking out the werid food! ♥ by spongy ♥